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Visiting Artist Series features Elana Mann and sound recordings

Elana Mann, the artist behind Searching for a Signal, will participate in a residency March 3-8, 2013.
Elana Mann, the artist behind Searching for a Signal, will participate in a residency March 3-8, 2013.
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St. Catherine University welcomes Los Angeles-based artist Elana Mann as an artist-in-residence from March 3-8, 2013, for the Amy Marie Sears Memorial Visiting Artist Series. Mann will give a public lecture at 7 p.m., on Thursday, March 7, in the Visual Arts Building Lecture Hall.

Mann developed an interest in the social-political implications of active listening, after she discovered a love of listening during long drives through Southern California with the radio on.

Through her studies of composer Pauline Oliveros and participation in community choirs, she made this the focus of her work, and she now has a growing collection of original sound recordings that express a progressive social politic.

During her residency March 3-8, 2013, Mann will work on a new project with students from St. Catherine University entitled Resonate, Reverberate, Roar (Re-Re-Roar). Re-Re-Roar is an archive of original sounds recorded by Mann (often in collaboration with other artists and students) that expresses a widely experimental, fiercely independent, and socially progressive spirit.

Mann will lead students in recording original sound content, which will be uploaded to a project website that will be accessible during the week of her residency.

She hopes to organize a session of interviews between students and the Sisters of St. Joseph to facilitate the sharing of life-experiences, ideas and wisdom, building upon the legacy the Sisters of St. Joseph already have at St. Kate's.

Mann says the goal of these interviews is to give college students, who are normally surrounded by people of their own age, an opportunity to hear about the life-work and mission of the elders of their community.

"College is a time of deep personal discovery and growth, and these interviews will be a chance for the Sisters to ask students profound questions about how they want to shape their lives, what role spirituality will play, and for the students to ask the Sisters about their mission and vision of contributing to their community," says Mann.

After the interview sessions, the recordings will be compiled with other similar inter-generational dialogues between women on the website.

About Resonate, Reverberate, Roar

Resonate, Reverberate, Roar (Re-Re-Roar) is an online archive of sounds of resistance, compiled from field recordings, interviews, songs, speeches, experimental music, and more.

The archive originated from artist Elana Mann’s growing collection of original sound recordings that express a progressive social politic, and now includes a wide variety of sounds from diverse sources world-wide. Re-Re-Roar is a site for research, activ[ist] listening, and distribution, with all of the sounds available for free download and distribution.

About the artist

Mann has presented her projects in galleries, museums, buses, senior centers and street corners all over the world, including the Ford Foundation (New York), the Hirshhorn Museum at the Smithsonian (Washington D.C.), The Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles, CA), the Ben Maltz Gallery at the Otis College of Art and Design (Los Angeles, CA), and A Gentil Carioca (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). She is a recipient of California Community Foundation’s 2009 Visual Arts Fellowship and a 2012 Center for Cultural Innovation ARC Grant.

Mann has published six publications, four of which are in the collection of the Getty Research Institute. Mann co-founded the Artist Bailout Collective and the People’s Microphony Camerata as well as part of the collaborative duo Chan & Mann.

Her projects have been written about in such periodicals as the Los Angeles Times, NPR, O Globo, El Pais, La Reuppublica and X-Tra Magazine. Mann received a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis and an MFA from California Institute of the Arts. She is currently a Visiting Lecturer at Scripps College and Pitzer College.

Visit Elana Mann’s website at

About the Visiting Artist Series

Established in memory of Amy Marie Sears, a promising 1995 studio art major who passed away in 1997, the annual Amy Marie Sears Memorial Visiting Artist Series invites a distinguished artist to St. Catherine University for a one-week residency.

For more information on the 2013 Amy Marie Sears Memorial Visiting Artist Series, contact Kathleen Harris, at (651) 690-6636 or email

Feb. 13, 2013 by Melissa Kaelin

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