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Fall Art Tour offers great sampling of academic galleries

Events attendees will travel in comfort on one of six coach buses traveling three gallery routes.
Events attendees will travel in comfort on one of six coach buses traveling three gallery routes.
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The Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities (ACTC) is sponsoring its 10th Annual College/University Art Gallery Fall Art Tour, Saturday, Oct. 5 from 1–5 p.m.

“What started as an effort to get our studio art and art history students engaged with the various art galleries at the other ACTC schools has grown into a community inclusive event with not five but 10 college and university galleries,” says Kathleen Daniels, director of the Catherine G. Murphy Gallery at St. Catherine University, and co-chair of the event.

This year’s participating galleries include Augsburg College, Bethel University, Concordia University, Hamline University, University of Minnesota (Katherine E. Nash Gallery), Macalester College, Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD), St. Catherine University, University of Northwestern-St. Paul, and University of St. Thomas.

“This uniquely urban experience is what makes the Twin Cities so great. It’s a cultural immersion experience that is user friendly — free art, free travel, free food. It doesn’t get much better than that,” says Daniels.

For the second year, a unique “Pop-Up Gallery” on University Avenue will feature art from Bethel University, MCAD and University of Northwestern-St. Paul.

“It adds a whole flavor to the gallery going experience. That will be an opportunity only available on the day of the tour — then it goes away,” says Daniels.

In the past, travel time to some of the galleries compromised the time event attendees could spend at each gallery. In an effort to improve the whole art tour experience, the idea for a "Pop-Up Gallery" was born.

“This truly speaks to the power of collaboration and our commitment to maximizing access to some of the biggest name galleries you will find in local academic settings,” says Daniels.

Free coach buses with tour guides are provided for event participants to travel comfortably between the galleries. Guest artists and gallery docents will be on hand at each location to talk about the various exhibitions along with free music, food and beverages. 

All ages are encouraged to participate in this family-friendly event.  

Three route options are available:

Route A

  • Augsburg College (starting location)
  • University of Minnesota, Katherine E. Nash Gallery
  • University of St. Thomas
  • St. Catherine University (starting location)
  • Macalester College

Route B

  • Augsburg College
  • University of Minnesota, Katherine E. Nash Gallery
  • Pop-Up Gallery on University Avenue:
    Bethel University, MCAD, & University of Northwestern - St. Paul
  • Hamline University (starting location)
  • Concordia University (starting location)

Route C

  • University of St. Thomas (starting location)
  • St. Catherine University
  • Macalester College (starting location)
  • Concordia University
  • Hamline University

For those who would like to bike the tour, a bike map is provided which includes Nice Ride kiosk locations.

To book a tour, download a bike map or get more information, visit or call Stephanie Zimmerman at 651-556-1863.

More about the College Art Gallery Collaborative 

An initiative of ACTC, the College Art Gallery Collaborative (CAGC) promotes visual art-related activities among the five ACTC member schools and other colleges in the Twin Cities community. The CAGC organizes two annual events: a Fall Art Tour and a spring Art History Symposium. Both events provide an opportunity for student engagement beyond the scope of an individual campus, and for involvement and connection with local neighborhoods.

Sep. 24, 2013 by Sharon Rolenc

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