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$100k Klub honors CATIE Center

From left: Alan Silva, Rosa Ramirez, Laurie Swabey, Richard Laurian, Colleen Hegranes and Paula Gajewski-Mickelson.
From left: Alan Silva, Rosa Ramirez, Laurie Swabey, Richard Laurian, Colleen Hegranes and Paula Gajewski-Mickelson.
Photo by Pauline Oo.

The CATIE Center staff was honored at St. Catherine University’s $100k Klub luncheon on September 29, the one-year anniversary of receiving a five-year, $1,500,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Education Rehabilitation Services Administration.

St. Kate’s established the $100k Klub in 2008­–09 to recognize faculty and staff for successful government grant submissions that result in an award in excess of $100,000.

The CATIE Center (Collaborative for the Advancement of Teaching Interpreting Excellence), located on the St. Paul campus, has received federal funding to advance interpreter education since 1999. It is one of the six centers working in partnership as the National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers. 

The September luncheon was attended by Laurie Swabey, principal investigator; Richard Laurion, director of operations and programming; Rosa Ramirez, budget and communications administrator; and Paula Gajewski Mickelson, testing coordinator. (Associate Professor of Psychology Andrea Olson, who is program evaluator, was unable to attend.) They discussed current projects and future plans with Colleen Hegranes, senior vice president, and Alan Silva, assistant vice president and dean of School of Humanities, Arts and Sciences, and the College for Women.

Highlights from their discussion:

  • The CATIE Center's website receives more than 10,000 visits a month. The website features numerous resources for interpreters, interpreter educators, patients and healthcare providers.
  • The CATIE Center recently offered an online module, "Advanced Body Language," focused on developing interpreter's language skills with common heart, lung and digestive system conditions and procedures. More than 100 participants registered for the program.
  • There are a growing number of Deaf medical professionals nationwide, including doctors, chiropractors, nurses, and physician assistants. The advancement of more Deaf medical professionals has increased the need for interpreters prepared to interpret in these highly specialized settings. The CATIE Center focuses on increasing the resources available to meet the needs of these consumers.
  • The CATIE Center staff has been invited to present on healthcare interpreting topics at numerous conferences across the country.

Current activities

In 1983, St. Kate’s started the nation’s first and only interpreter education program with a focus on preparing American Sign Language/English interpreters to work in health care-related industries. During the 2010–15 grant cycle, the CATIE staff are pursuing the following initiatives:

  • Offering intensive training for novice and experienced interpreters and Deaf mentors
  • Providing more resources and education regarding healthcare interpreting
  • Disseminating and implementing the Deaf Self-Advocacy Training curriculum developed in the previous grant cycle
  • Enhancing the dissemination of information about interpreting for Deaf-Blind consumers
  • Developing educational resources on video-remote interpreting in vocational rehabilitation settings
  • Serving as a comprehensive regional resource center on effective practices for interpreting

Save the dates

The 2012 National Symposium on Healthcare Interpreting will be held July 22–25. The first symposium, organized by the CATIE Center in summer 2010, brought nearly 170 sign language interpreters from across the United States to St. Catherine University.

“We initially thought we would get 75 participants, and at the end we had to turn people away,” recalls Laurie Swabey. “We were thrilled at the response, given that this was the first time such a symposium or conference like this was offered and given the economy.”

For updates on the 2012 National Symposium on Healthcare Interpreting, see the CATIE Center.

The CATIE Center is also cosponsoring a symposium on legal interpreting as an area of specialization April 11-14, 2012, with the University of Northern Colorado MARIE Center's Institute for Legal Interpreting in Westminster, CO.

Oct. 3, 2011 by Pauline Oo

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