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DPT students create children's book

"How Can I Do It All?" was written by DPT students Elisabeth Wieneke '15 and Laura Vaughn '14.
"How Can I Do It All?" was written by DPT students Elisabeth Wieneke '15 and Laura Vaughn '14.
Ashley de los Reyes '15

When Doctor of Physical Therapy student Elisabeth Wieneke ’15 wrote a children’s book for her “Introduction to Physical Therapist Practice” class last year, her goal was to give kids an introduction to physical therapy. “I would love for children to have a greater knowledge about what being a physical therapist is all about so that maybe they would consider giving it some thought.”

With the story written, the only missing component was the illustrations. Enter Laura Vaughn ’14, a fellow Doctor of Physical Therapy student who majored in fine arts in her undergraduate studies. Vaughn was put in contact with Wieneke by their advisor and former Physical Therapy Director of Clinical Education, Mary Weddle. She soon became a critical part of the book’s creation: “I spent a lot of time trying to figure out which style would be most effective.” Nearly a year after becoming part of the project, “How Can I Do It All?” was finished.

Both passionate about physical therapy and exposing others to the occupation, Wieneke and Vaughn were introduced to physical therapy in different ways. For Wieneke, early interest in the medical field and living an active lifestyle naturally lead her to the profession.

For Vaughn, the encounter was more personal. “My mom had to have physical therapy…the more I learned about PT and how much evidence there was for the practice and how much people felt it had helped them, the more interested I became.”

April 9, 2014 by Ashley de los Reyes '15

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