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St. Kate’s offers Embodying Holistic Living conference March 21

During the March 21 conference, Holistic Health Studies alumnae will share practical tools to improve health and vitality.
During the March 21 conference, Holistic Health Studies alumnae will share practical tools to improve health and vitality.
Holistic Health Studies

St. Catherine University’s Holistic Health Studies program presents Embodying Holistic Living: Tools for Inspiration and Change on Saturday, March 21, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. in Rauenhorst Ballroom, Coeur de Catherine on the St. Paul campus.

The conference explores how holistic health practices can enhance well-being. The interactive gathering allows participants to share wisdom and cultivate support for living a balanced, vital holistic life, as well as contributing to community health.

The cost to attend the conference is $75. Lunch and snacks are included. A continuing education certificate is available. For more information, or to register online, visit the conference website.

Featured speakers and breakout sessions

Holistic Health Studies alumnae will share practical tools and inspirational stories to improve health and vitality.

Featured speakers:

  • Sounding Your Health
    Susan Okins, MAHS ’06 and Julianne Carver

    Sound Healing works with vibrations to balance, shift, and release energy from your body and energy field. Access these healing energies with simple tools such as your own voice, a rattle, or a drum. Experience how Sound Healing is used as a tool for transformation.

  • Speaking Your Truth
    Kathy Parrish MAHS ’10

    Parrish addresses the difference in brain physiology between introverts and extroverts and ways to can identify one’s natural tendency. She will share interactive exercises that use breath and visualization to de-stress while relating mindfulness and presence to speak your truth. She will also share how to create environments that are conducive to comfort and creativity, and help attendees see that even strong introverts are born leaders.

  • Power of Mind / Essence of Spirit
    Kathleen Watson ’91 and Curtis Christian MAHS ’13

    The session will help to broaden minds and spirits with practical approaches to greater fulfillment. Watson will share how each person can start applying more life-enhancing habits of thought, belief and action. Christian will help guide participants in moving from being a spiritual seeker to experiencing who they truly are. He will share tools that can guide that transition by exploring personal awareness, and deepening your personal relationship (from or with) the source of who you truly are.

  • Core Obstacles in Healing
    Jason-Aeric Huenecke M’97, MAHS Cert ’00

    Individuals with chronic illness come to holistic practitioners after arduous and lengthy illness experiences, discouraged, disappointed and demanding. This session will discuss some of the most prevalent or core obstacles in healing and use various techniques to work with the obstacles that arise on the healing journey.

 Breakout sessions:

  • The Art of Powerful Listening
    Stasia Johnson Steinhagen MAHS ’13

    Discover how the core competency of Powerful Listening & Inquiry can deepen your healing practice and connections to others, inform life choices, and help you stay present in the flurry of life. Practice unique inquiry and listening techniques for everyday use with clients, loved ones, and yourself.

  • EFT Tapping: An Evidence-Based Approach to Emotional Clearing
    Valerie Lis MAHS ’06

    Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping) is a self-empowering tool that supports positive change for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), phobia, anxiety, depression, weight control, chronic pain, and sports performance. Gain an understanding of uses for EFT and go through steps to resolve a personal issue.

  • Spiritual Call to Anoint
    Jennifer Galvin-Anderson MAHS ’08

    Galvin-Anderson will share her own spiritual journey of being called to anoint the sick with essential oils, and how she has incorporated this act today into her Energy Healing practice. Learn more about the history of anointing the sick, the energetic properties of essential oils and take part in demonstrations of how the Energy of Essential Oils can be experienced with pendulum testing.
  • Mindfulness: A Journey to Happiness & Peace of Mind
    Julie Anne Larkin ’94, MAHS Cert ’07

    Listen to the story of one soul's journey to itself. Learn about mindfulness as a tool for inner exploration. Experience a mindful practice to connect with your inner wisdom.

Other conference activities include walking the labyrinth, a meditation room and creative arts.

About Holistic Health Studies at St. Kate’s

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Holistic Health Studies at St. Catherine University is one of the first graduate programs in the country to focus on holistic health. As part of the Henrietta Schmoll School of Health, the program evolved from a century of experience in healthcare education. 

Holistic Health Studies opens doors of insight into a new paradigm of health and healing that integrates mind, body and spirit. This emerging model of healthcare draws from the best of modern scientific medicine and cross-cultural healing wisdom.

March 9, 2015 by Sharon Rolenc

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