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Students recognized during Honors & Awards Ceremony

"A commitment to ethical and effective leadership runs deep at St. Catherine University."

Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Brian Bruess captured the energy of the 2012 Honors & Awards Ceremony when he shared those words on May 1.

Dozens of students gathered in the presence of the University community for the ceremony in Rauenhorst Hall in order to be recognized for their achievements. Colleen O'Malley, CSJ, offered an opening prayer, and the St. Catherine Women's Choir performed the "Hymn to St. Catherine" and "Summer Again," before President Andrea Lee, IHM, introduced the ceremony.

Honors and Awards

The awards ceremony highlighted a successful year for St. Catherine University, recognizing 20 Antonian Scholars for their research projects, where last year only six students received the distinction.

The Antonian Scholars included Christa Ahrens, Rachel Armstrong, Dana Bloomquist, Stephanie Burrows, Lydia Fasteland, Elizabeth Fosse, Mikaela Frederick, Teresa Hermodson-Olsen, Latifah Kiribedda, Paige Lindley, Andrea Lund, Audrey Meyer, Sarah Nelson, Erica Nicholson, Kaitlyn Nielson, Alisha Soukup and Maret Tindal. Lindsey Becker and Mary Walters were also named Antonian Scholars, and they both received the Antonian Scholars Senior Honors Project Award.

Many students were recognized for induction into one of the University's 24 academic honor societies, including 15 students who were inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. A total of 78 students were also nominated for the University-wide leadership awards.

High Honors

The Top Ten Graduating Seniors, honored for the highest academic achievement in their class, included Sarah Nelson, Mary Walters, Teresa Hermodson-Olsen, Elizabeth Pikula, Alisha Soukup, Andrea Lund, Brittany Boettcher, Ellie Byers, Latifah Kiribedda and Lindsey Becker.

The Helen B. Lemmer Memorial Award in Honor of Mother Antonia McHugh, an award that recognizes a student planning to pursue a career in teaching at a college or university, was awarded to Sarah Nelson, who majored in chemistry. The Dean of Students Award, which recognizes a senior who has made outstanding contributions to further the University's mission, was presented to Isabella Muhia.

The most prestigious award given at St. Catherine University, the Mary E. McCahill Memorial Award, was presented to Latifah Kiribedda, Student Senate President. The award is presented to a senior who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, academic excellence and loyalty and service to the University throughout her college career.

Kiribedda, who was also recognized as a Top Ten Graduating Senior, an Antonian Scholar and a winner of the Abigail Quigley McCarthy Center for Women Student Leadership Award, received a standing ovation after receiving the award. Kiribedda will deliver the student address at Commencement on May 20.

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May 9, 2012 by Melissa Kaelin

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