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Rain or shine: International student orientation

The rain came down on the second day of international student orientation at St. Catherine University, but raindrops weren’t going to dampen the spirits of the women who have traveled far to get here.

This fall, St. Kate's welcomes 16 international students from 15 countries — plus 3 adjunct faculty from Spain, France and Argentina — to its College of Women.

A scavenger hunt, with a clue at Dew Drop Pond, is one of several activities in nearly four-day orientation. Held at the end of August each year, the orientation helps St. Kate's international students — most whom have never been to the United States — find their way around campus.

Editor's Note: Viviana Montenegro ’17 (left, second photo) is among this fall's new batch of international students. Her sisters and cousin, recent St. Catherine graduates, were featured in “Family First: The More The Merrier” (SCAN, June 2014).

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Aug. 29, 2014 by Pauline Oo

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