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Fourth annual Mother's Day Iron Pour slated for May 13

The 4th Annual Mother\'s Day Iron Pour will be held May 13, 2012, at St. Catherine University.
The 4th Annual Mother\'s Day Iron Pour will be held May 13, 2012, at St. Catherine University.
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What better way to celebrate Mother's Day than an iron pour at St. Catherine University? The Fourth Annual Mother’s Day Iron Pour will be held on Sunday, May 13 from 1 through 6 p.m. in the parking lot behind the Art Building at St. Catherine University.

The iron casting team will pour molds made by students of the Art Department, as well as visiting artists who will be assisting with the pour. There will also be twenty scratch blocks, or open-face molds, into which any interested student can carve directly and have cast on the day of the pour, first come first served. It will be an exciting day for people to watch and participate in sculpture casting in process, something usually never seen outside of the studio.

Featured artists in this year's Mother's Day Pour are: Tamsie Ringler, Pour Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Sculpture at St. Catherine University; Theresa Smith, who studied iron casting under Wayne Potratz at the University of Minnesota; Veronica Glidden, a longtime community iron artist; Jim Brenner, formerly of Chicago Sculpture Works who runs the Columbus Indiana Cast Iron Sculpture Invitational and Jeff Kalstrom, who coordinates the North Shore Iron Pour and Iron Casting Seminar in Duluth, Minnesota.

Four sculptors will also be participating in the pour as assistants and visiting artists. Peter Morales is a stone sculptor who has recently produced work in iron. Megan Daus is an iron and wood sculptor who recently completed her BFA at the University of Minnesota. Carissa
Samaniego is a St. Catherine University alumna and is the Education Coordinator for Franconia Sculpture Park. Featured students of the St. Catherine University Department of Art will be Ellen Schneider, Emma Flood, Kelsey Mackedanz, Jessy Kniefel, Mee Yang, Hy Xiong and Miranda McKeeth.

Iron casting has risen in profile since it became an art form in the 1960's with the invention of a small-scale cupola, enabling iron to be cast easily by artists. Because iron is not a precious metal, the material offers the artist the chance to experiment and “push”
metal casting capabilities at a low cost. Iron’s humble origins, organic composition (iron is essential to our body chemistry), and the intriguing casting process have attracted a following among sculptors, which inspires many different conceptual directions, including

The St. Kate’s Mothers Day Pour is supported by the Student Senate of St. Catherine University and SKAT, with additional support from the Artists’ Coalition and the Department of Art and Art History. Special thanks to Badger Foundry Company of Winona, Minnesota for donating foundry coke.

Come watch the pour, bring a mother, bring your child, bring a friend.

For more information, contact Tamsie Ringler, Assistant Professor of Sculpture at 651-690-8626, or

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May 2, 2012 by Tamsie Ringler

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