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Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar delivers free public lecture on classical art

The Acanthus Column is housed in The Archeological Museum in Greece.  Photo copyright: Grisel Gonzalez.
The Acanthus Column is housed in The Archeological Museum in Greece. Photo copyright: Grisel Gonzalez.
Photo used with permission.

Harvard University Professor Emeritus of Classical Archaeology and Art Gloria Pinney will deliver the 2011 Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar lecture, “Dancing at the Solstice: The Maidens on the Acanthus Column at Delphi," at 7 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 4, in room 106 of Mendel Hall on the St. Paul campus of St. Catherine University.

Author and professor on ancient art and poetry

The author of two books on Roman Art and ancient Greek art and poetry, Pinney will discuss her current research on the visual and literary representations of geography in the classical world.

Her lecture will focus on the Acanthus Column, a gigantic marble monument uncovered by archeologists at Delphi in ancient Greece more than 120 years ago and the scientific and scholarly debates that continue to swirl around it.  

Wrapped in acanthus leaves with three dancing maidens who hold aloft a large bronze tripod at the top, the Acanthus Column was dedicated by the Athenians sometime in the 330s BCE, but the column’s meaning and the reason behind its installation are still a mystery.

The Acanthus Column is currently part of the collection at The Archeological Museum at Delphi, Greece.

More about Phi Beta Kappa

Phi Beta Kappa is the nation's oldest and most prestigious undergraduate honors organization, recognizing achievement in the liberal arts. Phi Beta Kappa was founded on December 5, 1776, at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va. Currently, 262 chapters exist throughout the United States. St. Catherine University was the first Catholic college or university to be awarded a chapter in October 1937.

The 2011 Phi Beta Kappa lecture is co-sponsored by the School of Humanities Arts and Sciences, the Sister Mona Riley Endowed Chair in the Humanities and the PBK chapter at St. Catherine University.

For more information, contact St. Kate's Phi Beta Kappa Chapter President Amy K. Hamlin in the department of art and art history.

Sep. 19, 2011 by Julie Michener

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