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Center for Sales Innovation launches St. Kate’s Sales Club for high school and college students

The Center for Sales Innovation at St. Catherine University announces its official Facebook Fan Page: St. Kate’s Sales Club.

This community is geared to high school and college students who are curious about professional sales. It will answer questions such as: Are there jobs in sales? How do new graduates break into the business? What's it like to sell?  What skills do salespeople need to be successful?

The new Facebook Fan Page is sponsored by the Center for Sales Innovation, which offers four-year degree programs in business-to-business sales and healthcare sales. The St. Kate’s Sales Club Fan Page includes:

  • Guest authors, who are succeeding in sales, write about the selling skills they use in their own jobs, benefits and payoffs of a sales career, and tips for those wanting to enter the field. They also answer students’ questions about sales.
  • Videos, podcasts, links, and photos that will help students to explore sales careers and overcome the misconceptions of the sales profession.
  • Information about the sales field from corporate classroom speakers at St. Kate’s, which launched its sales major programs in 1998 and is supported by major corporations.
  • Events that help students to understand the possibilities of a sales career, such as career fairs, competitions, and networking opportunities.

“Many high school and college students with a strong focus on business, such as DECA members, are interested in ultimately leading or owning a company,“ according to Lynn Schleeter, director of the Center for Sales Innovation. “Sales is at the heart of every company, whether it sells a product or service. Relationship building and problem solving are core sales skills that can be used in any job or industry,” she said.

St. Catherine University is the only college or university in Minnesota to offer four-year degrees in sales. Its Center for Sales Innovation maintains close relationships with national corporations, which means students have exceptional access to internships and job placement after graduation. 

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Oct. 11, 2011 by Susan Blakely

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