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Five from St. Kate's to present at National Science Teachers Assocation conference

St. Kate's faculty members will share their experience and expertise in teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects at the 59th annual National Science Teachers Association conference in San Francisco in March 2011.

Presenters include Education Department Associate Dean of Education Lori Maxfield and Director of Undergraduate and Graduate Initial Licensure Susan Goetz, Chemistry Associate Professor Gina Mancini-Samuelson, Computer Science and Engineering Assistant Professor Yvonne Ng and National Center for STEM Elementary Education Executive Director Tony Murphy.

Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools Curriculum Specialist Cara Rieckenberg will collaborate with Maxfield on a presentation on Eco-STARS.

St. Kate's faculty presentations schedule:

Thursday, March 10, 12:30–1:30 p.m.
"Integrating Literacy in a Team-taught STEM Course"
Hilton San Francisco Union Square
Presenters: Gina Mancini-Samuelson and Susan J. Goetz.

Friday, March 11 8–9:00 a.m.
"Engineering Is…Developing Competent, Confident, Comfortable STEM Teachers"
Hilton San Francisco Union Square, Union Square 14
Learn five lessons engineering offers to teachers to help motivate students in rigorous science, mathematics, literacy, and social studies curricula. The lessons can also be adapted to serve as guidelines for engineering-focused professional development for teachers.
Presenters: Yvonne S. Ng and Lori R. Maxfield.

Friday, March 11 11 a.m.–noon
"EcoSTARS: A Collaboration Between K–12 and Higher Education"
Hilton San Francisco Union Square, Continental 3
EcoSTARS is a unique collaboration between K–12 and higher education that is designed to enhance student and teacher learning in environmental education and STEM literacy.
Presenters: Lori R. Maxfield and Cara Rieckenberg, Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools.

Saturday, March 12 11 a.m.–noon
"Science On a Sphere (SOS): Help in Visualizing Global Systems"
Marriott San Francisco Marquis, Pacific F
SOS, a NOAA data visualization artifact, helps students understand global systems in an exciting, vibrant way.
Presenter: Tony P. Murphy.  

Dec. 6, 2010 by Julie Michener

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