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Winners announced in Study Abroad Photo Contest


The winning photos have been announced in the 2012 Study Abroad Photo Contest.

Students who studied abroad from Winter Semester 2011 through J-term 2012 submitted photos for competition in two categories, Katies Abroad and Cultural Connections. St. Kate's students also had the opportunity to select a People's Choice Award.

Each student titled their photo and submitted a description explaining the image the photo captured.

Katies Abroad

For the Katie Abroad category, competitors were asked to submit photos taken of a student during their time abroad. The photos were judged regarding their representation of the ideals of Global Studies — academic learning, cultural learning, international awareness, sensitivity and fun.

Devon Arndt '14, an international business and economics major, took first place with her photo from a study abroad experience in Bangladesh taken during J-Term 2012, entitled "Rice Paddies."

She writes, “Rice is the dominant food crop in Bangladesh. It accounts for about 75 percent
of agricultural land use. During our visit to Gazipur, we had the opportunity to explore the rice fields. The paths were incredibly narrow; fortunately no one fell in the water."

Courtney Engel '13, majoring in fashion merchandising and business, took second place with her photo from a study abroad experience with St. Kate’s Fashion and Merchanding program in London, taken during Fall 2012, entiled "Living Colorfully in Prague."

She writes, “Leaving my mark at the John Lennon wall in Prague, Czech Republic. 'Everything is possible, anything can be.' -Shel Silverstein."

Katie Peterson '12, a chemistry major, took the People's Choice Award in the Katies Abroad category with her photo from a course on The Greek Connection in Greece, during J-Term 2012. Her photo was called "Standing Atop the First Place Podium."

She writes, "This photo was captured at one of the many Olympic stadiums in Greece. This one in particular, goes by the name ‘Panathenaic Stadium’. It was originally constructed in 330 BC but then later reconstructed and built entirely of marble. This stadium hosted the first modern Olympic games in 1896. In the 2004 Olympic Games, the Panathenaic Stadium also hosted the archery competition, and the finish of the marathon. The Olympic Games were a vital part of Greek culture and a way in which they could honor the Gods."

Cultural Connections

For the Cultural Connections category, competitors were asked to submit photos giving a strong sense of the place that they visited and reflecting a connection to the culture and/or the people there.

Mysee Chang '13, majoring in women’s studies, took first place with her photo from Pune, India, taken in Fall 2011, entitled "Gunpati Boppa!!!"

She writes, "In Pune, the Gunpati Festival is the most special and widely celebrated festival.
Idols of Gunpati, the god of courage and new beginnings, are made and welcomed into the home. After a couple of weeks of prayers and worship, families send the god home by immersing the idols into the river. On idol immersion day, the whole town gathers to watch as drummers lead the big town idol towards the river. The phrase 'Gunpati Boppa!!!' (long live Gunpati) is chanted and shouted in the streets as people dance to the beat of the drums."

Jill Judy '14, an occupational therapy major, took second place with her photo from a study on The Religious Diversity of Israel, during J-Term 2012, entitled "Part II: '…So we are waiting for death.'"

She writes, "The Aida Camp, next to the separation wall, is a refugee camp which houses
thousands of Palestinian people who were evicted from their homes during the first intifada. 'Intifada,' in Arabic means 'resistance.' The young boys in the image are throwing stones at the imminent Israeli soldiers. Considered 'freedom fighters,' the boy in the red shirt is symbolically wearing a 'keffiyeh.' The scarf is a symbol of the Palestinian resistance
movement. Because of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, displaced Palestinians live in refugee camps where third generations continue to live in poverty with nowhere to go."

Jennifer Sword '13, who is majoring in small business and entrepreneurship, garnered the People's Choice Award in the Cultural Connections category with a photo from her Global Search for Justice course in India, during J-Term 2012. She titled the photo "The Sunglasses."

She writes, "While visiting the Village Soda in rural India, we as a class shared in a unique,
spontaneous event when a classmate handed this young girl a pair of sunglasses to try on. Soon the excitement grew throughout the girls, as each one wanted a pair for themselves to try on. Ultimately, a simple pair of sunglasses unified all of us as we laughed and shared enjoyment in this moment."

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April 27, 2012 by Melissa Kaelin

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